Best Ultra-Wide Monitors

Thanks to scientific evolution, computing appliances are getting niftier and slimmer with each passing day except for one thing – the monitor. In this article, we will review the Best ultra-wide monitors.

Monitors are becoming a bit wide, curved, and warped. The magical chant behind the change in the physique of the monitor is 21:9. The plain definition of 21:9 is screen resolution ratio arises out of the hard engineering and intrinsic algorithms. The cutting-edge monitors above 32″ are called ultra-wide.

The best ultra-wide monitors have fortified the user base due to various glittering aspects; multitasking, charismatic display, posture comfort, true coloring, HD gaming, low response time, swift processing, and luxurious feel, to name a few.

Suppose you are irked by the monitor’s small screen and want to replace it with a wider one. We mean something ultra-wide. You are spot-on. This excerpt would help you identify the best variant besides some over-the-top recommendations. Let’s begin!

Five Best Ultra-wide Monitors in 2021




Best Ultra-Wide Monitors


Key Specifications:
• 34-inch
• Full HD IPS display
• 124% RGB
• Frameless construction


Ultra-fast (MPRT) response time

Philips IPS panel displays a perfect mix of 109% NTSC and 123% sRGB for real-life-like color reproduction. The display becomes more vibrant when boosted by the speedy retrieval of response, just a single m/s.

AMD FreeSync Technology

Gaming should not be played between broken frames and split colors; the Philips monitor provides the best avenue to play and win at the fluid-filled, artifact-free virtual environment thanks to the AMD FreeSync technology.

21:9 UltraWide color format

Philips allows you the maximum comfort to spread out and cater to multiple applications at a time. The 12:9 UltraWide color format makes the display more immersive than ever. The looks are lucid and crispy to the core, while Philips’s color gamut extends the vivid reds, natural greens, and deeper blues.

E-line frameless design

The latest Philips e-line UltraWide display offers a spacious panoramic view compared to the WFHD display and ergonomic stand. Philips charms up the house decor manifold

9.9Expert Score
Editorial Review

Philips allows you the maximum comfort to spread out and cater to multiple applications at a time.

  • The lead and mercury-free material is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Philips monitor extends a true lavishing experience for your computing journey
  • The monitor arms are height adjustable
  • The four-year advance replacement warranty brings peace of mind
  • Cannot play 4K HDR movies from Netflix as the monitor does not support HDCP 2.2 protocol
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Best Ultra-Wide Monitors


Key Specifications:
• 34-inch
• 21:9 curved display
• USB Type-C connectivity
• HDR10 compatibility


Ultra-wide QHD space

The ultra-wide QHD spacing of the LG monitor provides maximum space for multitasking. This is a perfect situation for professional usage as the large space provides enough room for video and audio editing by displaying plugins and effects simultaneously.

IPS with sRGB 99%

The exceptional color fidelity of LG extends the 99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum hence providing the best scenario of accurate color. The colors snowball into reality thanks to sRGB 99%.

OnScreen control

OnScreen control feature provides you easy access to a host of monitor settings. You adjust the screen according to your whims and wishes.

Adjustable stand

The adjustable stand of the LG monitor brings maximum relief in accommodation. The monitor is adjustable with your height, and you work at maximum ease. Over the top, the LG monitor caters to the needs of differently-abled ones in terms of usability.

9.8Expert Score
Editorial Review

The ultra-wide QHD spacing of the LG monitor provides maximum space for multitasking.

  • The black color is accommodative to all office and home themes.
  • Multitasking is the zeitgeist of the 21st century; LG understands
  • 21:9 display ratio is the most promising epitome for luxury lovers
  • LG is a credible name in the tech genre, and you might already be familiar with the LG’s ambiance
  • The refresh rate is 60 Hz, not ideal for gaming-geeks.
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Best Ultra-Wide Monitors


Key Specifications:
• 35-inch
• HDMI port
• LED display
• Creative machine black, 2020 variant


1800R display

The 1800R curved display of the Sceptre monitor immerses you into the line of action regardless of your sitting posture. The efficiency of the display remains equal from all angles.

AMD FreeSync

Gaming-buffs enjoy the seamless and smooth gaming streak through the on-spot agility of fast-paced, high-tech games. The AMD FreeSync technology thwarts the stuttering and tears during live gaming. These problems are out when a gap occurs between the monitor’s refresh rate and the graphics card’s frame rate; Sceptre harmonizes both aspects.

Blue light shift

Sceptre minimizes the blue light to save your precious pair of eyes from strain, irritation, and fatigue. With Sceptre, you watch movies, read documents, and play games for an extended duration.

VESA wall-mountable pattern

This optional feature of Sceptre allows you to fit in the monitor up to your ease. The customized placement eliminates cable clutter, saves space, and positions the workstation into your favorite nook or cranny.

9.7Expert Score
Editorial Review

The AMD FreeSync technology thwarts the stuttering and tears during live gaming. These problems are out when a gap occurs between the monitor’s refresh rate and the graphics card’s frame rate; Sceptre harmonizes both aspects.

  • The multiple ports can be exploited for connecting peripheral devices
  • The 100Hz refresh rate transitions images rapidly
  • The display can be tilted 15° backward and 5° forward to find the sweet spot
  • Originally a gaming variant, for general usage, a variety of options will remain unutilized.
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Best Ultra-Wide Monitors


Key Specifications:
• 49-inch
• 3840 x 1080p Resolution
• One ms response time
• 1800R curved panel


Ultra-wide 49-inch screen

The ultra-wide 49-inch screen of Samsung comes up with an innovative 32:9 ratio. You always get the true, crystal clear picture. Moreover, the 1800R curved panel bestows a cinematic viewing experience.

Quantum Dot technology

The Samsung monitor is finely built on the lines of Quantum Dot technology. The QLED experience upgrades the gaming experience and brings lifelike shades with its billion accurate stock colors.

HDR sensitivity

Samsung’s monitor supports the High Dynamic Range (HDR), so dark shades appear darker and bright shades are brighter. The mind-blowing depiction could be illustrated when blue skies share the screen with silhouettes and shadows.

Superfast motion picture response time

Blending the motion blur reduction with a superior VA panel, Samsung’s monitor has developed this curved product with a swift one MS MPRT (motion picture response time) that helps you relish a clear view sans motion bottlenecks.

9.6Expert Score
Editorial Review

The knife comes with a fixed double-edged blade made from top-notch stainless steel and a stylish black finish.

  • The 32:9 ratio goes the extra mile for the aesthetic charmers
  • You need not visiting cinema; the cinematic looks are aptly emulated by Samsung ultra-wide monitor
  • The stand adjusts with the height difference of terrain
  • A bit pricey
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Best Ultra-Wide Monitors


Key Specifications:
• 27-inch
• 14-bit 3D color calibration
• 100% RGB
• 16:9 aspect ratio


Wide Quad HD Resolution

ViewSonic’s resolution is four times the resolution of a traditional panel (720p) and doubles a 1080p display. The Wide Quad HD resolution brings sharper images with no stretching or distortion, upholding the standard ratio of 16:9.

Delta E<2 color accuracy

The ViewSonic monitors are factory-calibrated to produce the Delta.

E<2 value. Whether you are a cameraman shooting in sRGB, or a freelance video editor searching REC 709 standards, ViewSonic provides you the best accuracy in a mild price range.

Frameless construction

The premium ViewSonic monitor extends accurate and vivid images. At the same time, the frameless construction provides you a seamless vision in a multi-monitor hierarchy. The stunning images of borderless ViewSonic are unbound.

Crammed with connectivity

The ViewSonic monitor allows multiple connectivities through Mini DisplayPort, DisplayPort, USB ports, and HDMI inputs. This notion gives the flexibility to connect various devices through multi-stream technology using only a single cable.

9.5Expert Score
Editorial Review

The premium ViewSonic monitor extends accurate and vivid images. At the same time, the frameless construction provides you a seamless vision in a multi-monitor hierarchy.

  • The color uniformity function ensures uniform luminance across the screen
  • You can manually adjust primary colors such as yellow, red, green, blue, cyan, and magenta
  • Palette of 4.39 trillion colors is available
  • Slight backlight bleeding during extreme gaming
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Buying Guide

Best Ultra-Wide Monitors

Apart from upper preselected brands, if you want to do individual market research to replace your existing fading and smaller monitor with a vibrant and spacious one. The following key points must be noticed in the first place; otherwise, your money will change hands in return for nothing.

Don’t let pixels be a casualty of wide display:

If a spacious monitor comes up with low pixel density, there is no good of being ultra-wide. It would help if you considered the high-resolution of at least 1080p before buying. Full HD, HD, QHD, 4K are some of the sought-after domains. Only these domains would push you to the real ultra-wide feel.

Determine the purpose:

The users are divided into three broad categories; gaming, general, and professional. Before plunging into buying foray, one must identify the groups she falls in. As a rule of thumb, gamers must prioritize low response rate and fast refresh time. Professionals should take a cautious approach towards color accuracy. In comparison, general users with less specific requirements may select a monitor with a high-quality VA panel.

Refresh rates – the higher, the better:

Refresh rates inform about the number of times your monitor gets new updates per second. The unit of refresh rate is hertz (Hz). A large number means the resolution would be smoother, swift, and better. The refresh rates have prime importance in the gaming area, and a gamer must opt-in to an ultra-wide monitor with at least a 75 Hz refresh rate. However, for general use, the refresh rate must not be below 60 Hz.

Response time – the lower, the better:

Response time tells how long a monitor takes to process the processes, like changing pixels’ color. The longer response would mean recurrent motion blur. A quality ultra-wide monitor usually possesses one m/s response time.

Consider the curved monitor:

Curved monitors provide a broader field of view and are considered less eye-straining. Effective curved monitors are naturally ultra-wide. The suggested curvature is 1800mm that could easily be viewed from as far as 1.8 meters.

The panel is the heart:

The simple formula for panel selection is TN < IPS < VA. TN panel is fast and cheap but lags on image quality. On the other hand, IPS monitors are slightly faster than TN with a bit improved image resolution. Nonetheless, VA panels have the best contrast out of the other two thanks to the fastest response rate and the best resolution.

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Best Ultra-Wide Monitors

There is no ambiguity that the up-gradation of monitors spruces up your computer system once and for all. If bought with care and consideration, the invested amount can truly be justified through the enhanced visuals, eye protection, freak gaming, and cinematic display. We hope that after skimming this blog, you are aware enough to ensure a sane choice. Let your dying monitor off the hook!

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