Best Massage Chairs 2021

We live in an extremely fast-paced society where working hard is the norm. For a lot of us, that takes a toll on our mental and physical health. It’s important to realize that as humans, we need to be able to take breaks because we aren’t naturally wired to work 14 hour days as current societal decorum demands. Keeping that in mind, we here at Ignitto realized that there is a growing need for therapeutic and relaxation-inducing devices. Our article for the top 5 picks for the best massage chairs of 2021 came into being because of that realization. 

We’ve jotted down some key points of differentiation between the models that we selected and considered features like the number of airbags, the number of rollers, pressure power, how easy it is to assemble and take apart, and the price point. A top-notch chair should have decent quality material used; moreover, it should come with necessary features such as heat and zero gravity, along with an extended warranty to make sure you feel secure with your expensive purchase.

Everyone deserves to treat themselves once in a while, especially people that work hard. So if you’re a hard worker, take a look at this list, find a device that suits your needs and give yourself that long-awaited gift because, after all, it is 2021, we should normalize self-love. 

5 best Massage Chairs for 2021



Best Massage Chairs 2021

Osaki OS-Champ

Key Specifications:
● 190 lb
● 18 Airbags
● 5 Auto modes


Our top pick after carefully dissecting several massage chair brands was the OSAKI OS-Champ. This gem of a chair by OSAKI weighs about 200 pounds and comes with 18 airbags, carefully positioned to make sure you get the best massage. It has an L Roller design and packs 2 stages of zero gravity. You can extend the footrest by 7 inches, and when folded, it saves up to 9 inches of space, so once you’re finished using it, you can pack it up and put it in a corner.

The way that the chair works is that it cradles you in its comfortable faux-leather self fully when you recline it. The calf, foot, shoulder, and neck airbags start by giving you a deep tissue that will relax you to your core. The zero-gravity feature elevates your knees above your neck and gives you a feeling of weightlessness.

Decor-wise, it’s a great product that is not only functional but goes hand in hand with just about any decor you may want to set with it.

  • Foldable
  • Compact
  • Not too expensive
  • Great auto massage options
  • Comfortable faux leather exterior
  • Users have complained about foot rollers.
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Best Massage Chairs 2021


Key Specifications:
• 300 lb
• Zero Gravity
• 42 Airbags
• Foot extension to 6.”


Our next item is the RelaxonChair, it’s a little pricer than our top pick, but that’s because it comes packed with more features. Our first pick OSAKI had 18 airbags, whereas this model from Relaxon has twice that amount, 40 airbags. Meaning it will give you twice the comfort. 

This model also has Zero Gravity enabled into it, and the footrest can be extended to 6 inches for people that require additional space. The chair does weigh a lot, considering its 300 pounds, so you definitely need to dedicate some space to it in your lounge or your living room. Some notable features of this best massage chair are that it has an ergonomic backtrack, the intelligent 2D body scanning is great, and the shoulder height of this model can be adjusted.

  • Intelligent 2D body scanning
  • Ergonomic backtrack
  • Shoulder height adjustment
  • Expensive
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Best Massage Chairs 2021


Key Specifications:
• 175 lb
• Faux leather
• Zero gravity
• Bluetooth


The Smagreho full-body electric massage chair is the next item in line that we are dissecting. The chair differs from our other picks in that it is affordable for the common man and yet still has a surprisingly decent range of features. It weighs in at a little more than 150 pounds, and the exterior is made of faux leather, meaning that it will look great in any space that you desire to place it in.

The Bluetooth feature is one of the most attractive things about this model, just connect your phone and play your favorite tunes while relaxing. This best massage chair also comes packed with numerous other features such as Zero gravity, where the legs are elevated beyond the torso to give you a feeling of weightlessness.

This ergonomic design will make sure you feel premium. You can expect a full body massage with this chair, shoulders, calves, your feet, and your most important spot, the lower back. A series of rollers whose speed can be adjusted and a heated back pad are the key features of this amazing massage chair by Smagreho.

  • Full body airbags
  • Affordable
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Heater for your lower back
  • Does not have directions to assemble
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Shiatsu Elite by Homedics

Best Massage Chairs 2021

Shistsu Elite by Homedics

Key specifications:
• 3 preset programs
• Strapping system
• Massage zones
• 17.5 lb


The second last pick in our lineup is from Homedics. This is a brand that has been gaining popularity over the years because they provide a cheaper alternative to the bulky and space-grabbing massage chairs that you see on the market these days. While owning a reasonably sized massage chair is fine, a growing number of people have realized that the prices for the best massage chairs have been skyrocketing, especially with people now being asked to stay at home. Therefore having something that is light on your pocket and portable is appealing to most. Another thing about this massage pad is that it can fit easily onto any chair.

Let’s discuss its main features: the Shiatsu Elite comes packed with 3 preset programs, it has a strapping system that ensures things stay in place, and it has the functionality of massage zones, meaning that all areas will be targeted. In terms of weight, the cushion is roughly 20 pounds, so easy to handle. 

This is definitely what those who have a smaller budget should go for. Gift it to someone you like or treat yourself; you can’t go wrong with a functional and cost-effective purchase like this. That’s why we added it to our best massage chairs of the 2021 list!

  • Lightweight
  • Portable massage chair
  • Very economical
  • Heated cushion
  • Pressure differs in sections.
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Gentle Touch Homedics

Best Massage Chairs 2021


Key Specifications:
● Heat
● 19.2 lbs
● Air Compression
● Rolling massage


The last item on our list is again from Homedics, but this time we selected a model that is a little pricier but has proved to be more durable than its predecessor. The “Gentle Touch” by homedics has all the features that your standard massage chair comes equipped with: heated pads, air cushions, and rollers to give you a relaxing massage experience. 

This is also one of the best massage chairs in the market because, as you can see, it does not have the bulky exterior that other models on this list have. It weighs about 19 pounds and comes with Air compression and Rolling massage features. What we love about this model is that, just like the Shiatsu Elite, this too can convert any ordinary chair into a massage chair.

Spot massage is a cool feature that this model has in that it lets you specifically target the areas you want to massage. The gel-coated nodes aid in the feeling of one getting a proper massage from a licensed therapist. The only downside that we’ve seen in this model is that a few users have complained that it is difficult to target the areas on and between the shoulder blades. Apart from that, this seems to be a solid pick for a reasonable price. 

  • It can be placed on any chair
  • lightweight
  • Spot massage features
  • Gel coated nodes
  • Users complain of massage not reaching shoulder blades.
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Buying Guide

Best Massage Chairs 2021

The best massage chairs are out there, but you might have to do some digging to see which one suits your needs the best. To simplify your workload, we have jotted down a comparison of the best massage chairs that we could find in the market, based on a number of factors that we figured were deal-makers or deal-breakers.
In this guide of the best massage chairs, we made an effort to be as inclusive as possible as we know not everyone can afford a super expensive massage machine. We’ve touched on every price point we could think of

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Best Massage Chairs 2021
  1. What are some features to keep an eye out for a while buying massage chairs?

Airbags, 4d or 3d massages, Air ionization, Bluetooth settings, voice control, zero gravity, reflexology, S tracking, body scanning, and L track are some notable features that one should do some research on while considering shelling out money to buy a massage chair. 

  1. How do massage chairs work?

Massage chairs are used to provide a soothing massage to users that can mimic an actual therapist using rollers and airbags. Vibrating surfaces compress and relax muscles and consequently help increase circulation and reduce inflammation within the body inducing within the user a sense of relaxation.  

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Best Massage Chairs 2021

Massage chairs can be considered a luxury item, but for some, it is a necessity. In this fast-paced lifestyle that we’ve all become accustomed to, we damage our bodies day in and day out. Moreover, finding time to schedule a visit with a therapist can be time-consuming and tiresome. Instead, substituting with a good chair is an option. Go through our guide and find the perfect best massage chair for yourself.

The Ignitto Tech team has tried to do their best with this list of the best massage chairs, so if you have any recommendations, please feel free to reach out to us through email or our live chat.

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