Best Cross Training Shoes for Women

Not sure how you can rock a ponytail with cross-training shoes in 2021 to the life you deserve after months of Covid lockdown? Or you struggle with foot and knee pains after long walks? Maybe you want to cut down on shoe expenses and find one thing that goes with Zumba classes and hiking both? So buckle up and read through the article to learn how you can rock an athletic look with your ponytail and floral perfumes and live on the edge to the fullest.

Educate yourself on foot care and enjoy to your fullest with these best cross-training shoes for women. It is difficult to buy the best shoe today, as there is little knowledge among the masses on what kind of shoe is required for what event. Good quality and cozy shoes are a blessing as they make traveling and hiking more fun and enjoyable.

You may feel that men are more privileged than women in cross shoes, but you are wrong. Women’s footwear is a growing industry, especially in the last decade when women have stepped out from the house for work other than house chores or jobs. We see women mountaineers, bikers, and hikers who have traveled loads and enjoyed to their best just because of a good shoe.

Not all shoes looking good are comfortable and genuine products; hence, it is significant to aware of how the shoe industry is flourishing to make you look and feel at your best. We have compiled for you the most comfortable, in demand, and best cross-training shoes for women, so scroll down and upgrade your knowledge on footwear.


WHITIN Women’s Barefoot & Minimalist Shoe

Best Cross Training Shoes for Women

WHITIN Women's Barefoot & Minimalist Shoe

Key Specifications:
Colors and design: 19
Size: 5.5-11
Fitting: laces and hooks
Material: washable


Zero Drop Sole

Studies show that wearing heels and shoes with a little heel causes long-term problems in the knees. Also, wearing such shoes in walking or sports is not advised as it tires the person a lot. Whitin women’s shoes have made sure to give a comfortable and natural body movement by making the ball and heel of footfall at the same level. With these flat shoes, you are ready for a natural athletic feel.


The design on the sole of the shoe is so fine and nicely carved out that it gives the runner a very good grip on the ground. It is advisable for all sorts of terrain and ensures safety.


The shoe is designed to give a good fit. The laces, zip, and hook design promise a very secure and fitted look to the shoe. It helps with faster running as well as maintaining the overall shape of feet.


With this shoe, you can go and rock your sporty and feminine look together. The shoe is very good for sports and does not tamper with your over-all feminine look. Rather, it adds to your personality and motivation.


The inner liner can be removed for a more natural feel of the terrain. It is comfortable and can be adjusted according to need. You may put it back easily when required.

9.9Expert Score
Editorial Review

The design on the sole of the shoe is so fine and nicely carved out that it gives the runner a very good grip on the ground.

  • Lightweight
  • Secure grip
  • Affordable
  • Natural movement
  • Laces
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New Balance Women’s 577 V5 Cross Trainer

Best Cross Training Shoes for Women

New Balance Women's 577 V5 Cross Trainer

Key Specifications:
Material: 50% Mesh, 50% Synthetic
Sole and Out-sole: Rubber
Size: 5-12
Colors: orca, peach soda, Bali Blue, Cherry Blossom, Soda Metallic



The inner sole is made of rubber and is removable. It provides excellent control and comfort without causing odors. The midsole is a must-have for best cross-training shoes as it helps reduce tiredness due to friction.

Mesh and rubber

The hybrid of mesh and rubber not only gives a nice look but also is more comfortable and easy to clean. These shoes are very feminine looking and eye-catching. The material is so fine and light; hence does not cause excessive sweating.


The out-sole is made of pure rubber with a friction-reducing style. The very intricately carved out design on the sole is the reason why this is the best cross-training shoes for women on rocky and smooth terrains and your Zumba and Pilates class.

Bestseller rank

The product is Amazon’s bestseller product with more than 450+ ratings and overall #16 in best cross-training shoes for women. The customer reviews are also evidence of the fact that these are the coziest yet sporty causal and outdoor shoes ever.

9.8Expert Score
<strong>Editorial Review</strong>

The very intricately carved out design on the sole is the reason why this is the best cross-training shoes for women.

  • Variety of colors
  • Feminine look
  • Breathable
  • Imported
  • Insert-able sole
  • Slight heel

Ryka Influence Women's Training Cross Shoe

Key Specifications:
Color: 14 Double color shoes
Weight: 2.4 pounds
Pivot point
#3 in women cross-training shoes


Women muscle and shape

This product has been designed with extra care and studies on women’s muscle and feet shape. The shape, size, muscle build-up, and activity level for working and busy moms have been studied and then practically converted into these shoes.

Double support

The insole is designed in ways to provide double support to feet than normal shoes. For difficult terrains, these shoes have been equipped with material to absorb friction and shock better. It is a product that stands up for comfort and quality.

Pivot point

The shoe has a special pivot point on its sole, which is a bonus point for shoes at this price. The point makes turns and running easily without straining the ankles and other joints.

Foil support

The shoe has flex foil and fuse layers to provide a very stable run and walk. Also, in winters, this shoe retains the warmth of feet and stops freezing feet or low circulation of blood. It is essential for all kinds of terrains and weather conditions.

9.7Expert Score
Editorial Review

The shoe has a special pivot point on its sole, which is a bonus point for shoes at this price.

  • Heel support
  • Breathable
  • Less tiredness
  • Flexible
  • Perfect for gym walks and hiking
  • Lace-up
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PUMA Women’s Provoke Xt Cross Trainer

Best Cross Training Shoes for Women

PUMA Women's Provoke Xt Cross Trainer

Key specifications:
Size: 5.5-11
Weight: 1.19 pounds
Colors: 7 triple colors of black, blue, golden, white, and pink
Brand: Puma
#30 IN Women best cross-training shoes and best seller on Amazon


Provoke XT Geometry

The look and feel of the shoe is very aggressive and bold, but no compromise has been made on comfort and quality. Ideal for sporty yet feminine looks.

Rubber sole

The sole is rubber; hence, it is washable, does not produce odors, and is not slippery in the feet and ground. Soft on feet and hard on the ground- the Puma women Provoke XT is the best cross-training shoe in the market.


The carved-out design on the sole is so fine that it not only gives you an over-all aggressive look but also helps in easy movement on all grounds. Ideal for dance workouts, treadmills, and mountains.

Arch support

The shoe is perfect for keeping the knees aligned and straight to prevent long-term pain and foot problems. It is the characteristic of the best cross-training shoes for women and all genders.

9.6Expert Score
Editorial Review

Soft on feet and hard on the ground- the Puma women Provoke XT is the best cross-training shoe in the market.

  • Sporty
  • Lace-up
  • Cozy
  • Bestseller
  • Ideal for all grounds
  • Expensive
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Weweya Barefoot Cross-Training Shoe

Best Cross Training Shoes for Women

Weweya Barefoot Cross-Training Shoe

Key specifications:
Color and size: 5.5-10.5 and 4 double colors
Weight: 1.1 pounds
Barefoot shoes
Toe comfort
Easy to wear tongue less style
Double pivot point


Indoor and outdoor

It is an extraordinary design for gym workouts, dance, yoga, cycling, biking, walking, running, rowing and hiking. An all in one package for athletic fun and comfort. With this product, there is definitely no need for different kinds of shoes for different occasions.

Zero drop style

Genuine and good quality best cross-training shoes for women promise a flat surface for the whole foot from fingers to heel. It not only helps in easy movement but also prevents long term knee pains and posture issues.

Easy to wear

The tongue-less design is easy to wear without wasting any time and remove. It has a collar like support for easily sliding the feet in and not taking much time and effort.

Regular socks

It goes easily with all kinds of socks and does not need any special socks with it. Any comfortable socks can be worn with it without swelling feet or investing more in socks.

9.6Expert Score
Editorial Review

Genuine and good quality best cross-training shoes for women promise a flat surface for the whole foot from fingers to heel.

  • Bendable
  • #18 in women cross-training shoes
  • Extra ground support
  • Non-slip
  • Breathable
  • Lace-up design
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Comparison Chart

Best Cross Training Shoes for Women
WHITIN Women’s Barefoot & Minimalist ShoeWhitin5.5-1119Mesh and rubber$9.90 – $37.99
New Balance Women’s 577 V5 Cross TrainerNew Balance5-125Mesh and synthetic$35.73 – $132.99
Ryka Influence Women’s Training Cross ShoeRyka5-1114 double colorsRubber$52.00 – $113.99
PUMA Women’s Provoke Xt Cross TrainerPuma5.5-117 triple colorsRubber$34.17 – $144.75
Weweya Barefoot Cross-Training ShoeWeweya5.5-10.54 double colorsRubber and mesh$32.99-$35
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Buying Guide

Best Cross Training Shoes for Women

As the shoe industry is growing bigger and better with every passing year, there are various options in shoe wear for women all around the world. We have created a checklist for you to consider while buying good shoes that are genuine, comfortable, and stylish all in one.

Factors to consider while buying the best cross-training shoes for women:

Flat in-sole and out-sole

The sole should be flat so that the body is aligned and the knee and ankle bones are not strained at all. The control and stability of the foot is extremely important for over-all good foot health and adventurous experiences. Also, the design on the out-sole is one of the commendable advances which give a good grip over land and floors.

Feminine and sporty

The idea that feminine and sporty looks cannot be pulled off has been negated by this shoe wear. The best cross-training footwear for women is the one that maintains their femininity and has no compromise on the athletic experience. Enjoy both your feminine looks as well as excellent athletes together.


The shoes should not be loose or very open. A good fitted shoe goes a long way. It helps with fast movement and overall helps maintain the shape and natural build-up of foot muscles.

Ground Grip

The ground grip should be very firm so that nothing stops you from going your way. The sole of the shoe below must adhere firmly to the ground so that the feet are not tired and nor is more effort required for walking. There are hence lesser chances of slipping too.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Best Cross Training Shoes for Women

Q1. Is toe support important?

A. Yes, toe support allows the feet to follow their natural toe shape. It prevents toes from getting hurt, bruises or discomfort while walking or exercising. You can wear your shoes with toe support for long hours.

Q2. Can regular socks be worn with cross training shoes?

A. Yes, all socks are perfect for such shoes. The shoe material is so breathable that you can even opt for wearing them without any socks.

Q3. Are Women cross-training shoes good enough than unisex shoes?

A. Definitely, the women’s shoewear is made after having studied the women’s feet shape, muscle makeup, and geometry. Wearing female-targeted workout shoes is extremely important for women rather than an option for men or unisex kinds.

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Best Cross Training Shoes for Women

Cross-training shoes are a great one-time investment for all your upcoming hiking, mountaineering, and workout plans in 2021. Go pull off your sporty look and enjoy the athlete vibes.
Hoping the above-mentioned pieces of information have guided you enough to buy the best cross-training shoes for women and live the adventurous life we all have missed in 2020 Lockdown. Go train!

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