Whether you are thinking about Buying a guide for an iPad or upgrading from an older model choosing the best iPad can be tricky. Several sizes, features, and prices need to be considered when purchasing an iPad. But, you do not need to get worried. We have got you covered.

Apple provides its customers with variety in a wide range of tablets. Ipads are very convenient when it comes to versatility.

In this buying guide, we will mention four different factors to consider when you are buying an iPad.

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What size you need

Currently, there are five different screen sizes of iPads are available in the market, which are 7.9-inches mini iPad, 10.2-inches iPad, 10.5-inches iPad Air, 11-inches iPad Pro, and 12.-inches iPad Pro. Let’s check out their features.

IPad Mini (7.9-inches)

If you want something a little more compact than Apple’s other model, you should go for the iPad Mini. This iPad is easy to carry proves to be versatile while travelling. Its screen size is around 8-inches, which is perfect for small hands. Besides, this iPad comes with a lot of useful features and is budget-friendly.

IPad (10.2-inches)

This iPad can do all the basics and is an excellent value for money. One of the best features of this iPad is it supports the smart connector, which allows you to connect your keyboard. It means you can turn your iPad into a laptop with this smart feature.

IPad Air (10.5-inches)

If you want an iPad with a bigger screen and extra ram, then you must consider this model. With its colorful big screen watching movies will become fun. One feature that users like about this iPad are its faster processor. It means you’re your iPad will complete your tasks quickly.

IPad Pro (11-inches)

Nothing is better than IPad Pro. if you want an Apple tablet that balances enjoyment, work, and a smooth 11-inches form factor. With a better screen-to-body ratio, the iPad Pro has a great design. Some of the best features of this iPad include gesture control and improved markups.

IPad Pro (12-inches)

If you want to have the latest iPad model from Apple’s range, you should go for this one. This iPad has all the best features that make it the user’s favorite model. Moreover, iPad Pro (12-inches) provides an all-around improved experience and is perfect for those that need the best overall performance.

What is your budget?

When you are buying an iPad, one thing that you must consider is your budget. Price is one of the essential factors when you are buying an iPad. The best thing about Apple devices is that you will not be comprised of the quality even on a budget. All the iPads in Apple’s range have sleek and stable built quality.

We would recommend you purchase a 10.2-inches iPad if you want an Ipad at a reasonable rate. With enough space and super functionality, this iPad is an excellent value for money. For watching movies and TV, Its wonderful to have a large screen.

But if money or budget is not a big problem for you, then iPad Pro would be a perfect choice for you. Both iPad Pro (11-inch and 12-inch) are super functional and has all the best features.

Think about the storage you need

Choosing the right amount of storage for your iPad is a big decision. Standard iPad starts with 32GB and iPad Pros are upto 1TB. Before buying an iPad, you must clear your mind that for what purpose you need this device.

You should go for 32GB if you stream most of the media rather than download it for offline use. But if you are someone who keeps large media libraries, you should consider 128GB or 265GB, depending on the size of the collection.

You should know about storage in iPad that to make more storage, your device can remove some of your items and parts of apps that are not needed. In the case you’re running out of storage, ipad will automatically frees up space and you can install new app.

People loves Apple devices because apple gives you FREE 5GB storage for backups, iCloud Photo Library, iCloud Music Library, iCloud Drive, and data. Besides, it gives you unlimited storage for all your iTunes purchased content. Also, Apple allows its users to buy more space for their Apple devices. Different rates are available for additional storage sizes.

The Battery Life

The battery life is another essential factor that you must consider before purchasing an iPad. Having a bigger battery life iPad means having a long time of usage without worrying about charging. Apple’s tablets usually offer 6-10 hours average battery life, which is just perfect

A good battery life iPad is ideal for those who often travel, as with a long-lasting battery, you do not need to get worried about charging while travelling. Besides, it also perfect for those who love to play online games on their Apple tablet.

Wrapping up the article!

Purchasing an iPad is a significant investment. That is why you should be very careful when you are getting one. Whether you are going to buy an iPad for yourself or with the intent to gift it to someone, there are so many factors to choose from.

Every model of iPad is great in its way, but, it is essential to find the right one for you. The above guide I have made to ease down your confusion.

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